Annual Report: Operations

Sheila McGuinness
Chief Operations Officer

The RCSI Hospital Group provides a full range of clinical services for a population of over 800,000 people. Demand for these services is increasing with both an ageing and growing population. Subsequent clinical activity has increased within the Hospital Group 2018 / 2017 and all activity projections identified within the National Service Plan 2018 were exceeded (FIGURE 5).

Full performance details of all metrics,  can be found in RCSI Hospital Group, Quality Assurance Programme, Key Performance Metrics at

Introduction of pathways and protocols have assisted in reducing the number of patients returning to ED and OPD and reduced the requirement for return visits to OPD, increasing capacity for new appointments.

inc Other Emergency Admissions (FIGURE 5)

During 2018 one of the Hospital Group’s ongoing key priorities was to improve access to emergency assessment, care and treatment

Average number of patients waiting in ED @ 8am for ward bed accommodation 2018 /2017 (FIGURE 6)

  • 13% (n = 1274) total count reduction in the number of patients waiting in ED 2018 / 2017
  • RCSI HG performance compared favourably with national performance, which experienced a 4% increase

Access – Emergency Care Wait Times (FIGURE 7)

  • average time spent in ED (non-admitted patients) has been sustained from 2017 to 2018 (5 hours)
  • average time spent in ED (admitted patients) has increased by 10% from 2017 (10 hours) to 2018 (11 hours)
Inpatient / Day Care

The RCSI Hospital Group through (1) increased overall productivity (2) internal migration of patients to sites with underutilised capacity (3) more effective chronological scheduling, and (4) clinical and administrative validation of waiting lists, secured a reduction in the length of time patients waited for their elective treatment (FIGURE 8)

RCSI IP.DC Patient waiting <8mths (FIGURE 8)

  • performance improvement achieved in September 2016 has continued throughout 2018 with the National Service Plan target (70%) exceeded every month (National Performance 76.1% compliance)

Endoscopy – Urgent Colonoscopy (FIGURE 9)

% of patients triaged as urgent who received a colonoscopy within 28 days (FIGURE 9)

  • RCSI Hospital Group achieved 100% compliance for this target throughout 2018

Endoscopy – GI Endoscopy (FIGURE 10)

 Wait times for GI Endoscopy <13 weeks (FIGURE 10)

  • significant internal insourcing continued with the migration of patients to sites with available capacity particularly Connolly, Louth, Cavan and Monaghan – resulting in 92% of routine GI Endoscopy patients waiting < 13 weeks at year end, exceeding National Target (70%) throughout 2018 (national performance 53.6%)

Access – OPD

RCSI Hospital Group OPD Wait List – 2018 – % of patients <52 weeks (FIGURE 11)

  • % of patients waiting <52 weeks on OPD wait list has increased from 78.7% to 85.6% (2018) with RCSI HG demonstrating overall higher performance than national (70.4%)