Maternity Services Access for Partners

30th August, 2021

Maternity Services Access for Partners

DOH Briefing – 30th August 2021


Specific guidance on visiting and attendance by partners at maternity services was integrated into COVID-19 Guidance on visitations to Acute Hospitals including Children’s Hospitals, rehabilitation services and other healthcare settings providing a similar intensity of care (version 2.5). The Guidance was published on August 6th 2021 on the HSE website and a broadcast email issued to all HSE staff and its primary objective is to keep maternity services safe.

It is envisaged that further updated guidance will be published arising from ongoing dialogue with a range of stakeholders and advocates for better maternity services.

This briefing document sets out the current status and compliance with current HSPC guidance pertaining to partner access to maternity services. It also sets out the HSE plans to strengthen communication and oversight in response to concerns elucidated from stakeholder engagement.

  1. Compliance status as of 30thAugust 2021