Annual Report: Human Resources

Enda Maloney

Director of Human Resources

It is through all employees that the RCSI Hospital Group delivers and maintains excellence in provision of high quality and safe healthcare to service users. The RCSI Hospital Group Human Resources Function works across the seven clinical sites to support and facilitate recruitment, retention and development of employees at all grades.

Compared to the December 2017 estimated WTE baseline (8777), the total WTE’s for the Group at the end of December 2018 was 9205 WTE’s, an increase of 428. This represented an increase of 4.9%.

  • 428 of the estimated WTE increase can be accounted for by the following,
  • New Service Developments
  • Maternity Leave Replacements
  • Agency Conversion
  • Replacement Staff



The Future Leaders Development Programme develops strong leadership capability at all levels and across all disciplines of the health service as part of the HSE People Strategy 2015-2018. The programme run 3 times a year is designed to enhance the performance of managers and leaders in current and possible future roles. International best practice forms the foundation of the programme, and its relevance to the target audience and current health care climate was further enhanced by engagement and evaluation of a pilot programme for Multidisciplinary Leaders. In addition to attending the modules, the programme involves a range of inter-modular activities including the development of participant led seminars, psychometrics, strategic leadership project work, individual executive coaching and action learning sets.

113 staff members have taken part in the programme since 2017. 24 projects were undertaken and covered a wide range of service delivery and operational areas.

The presence of an adequate number of health care staff is essential for optimal patient care. High absenteeism rates can potentially affect quality of patient care and staff morale. The resultant ad hoc use of temporary staff from an external agency to cover sick leave can also impact on continuity of care for the patient.

In 2018 the RCSI Hospital Group absence rate remained lower than the national performance across all 12 months.

RCSI Hospital Group Absence Rates 2018 (FIGURE 21)

2018 Absence Rates (FIGURE 22)