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Communication during challenging times

There is enormous evidence in the international literature that effective communication and cooperative working support staff to deliver safe, effective and compassionate patient care. A number of resources to aid communication are provided in this area.

The Physiotherapy Respiratory Service role in Cavan Hospital’s management of COVID-19

From training to videos, from involvement in developing patient pathways to expanding services to 24/7, find out about more about Cavan Hospital’s Respiratory Physiotherapy Team.

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Cavan General Hospital’s Social Distancing Champion

Find out how Eilish Sweeny is promoting social distancing practice.

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A community approach in Cavan General Hospital to support grieving families

Find out how Cavan General Hospital’s Chaplain, Fr. Gerry Kearns Hospital, brought local artists and members of the community together to creating keepsakes for families.

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Communication and Conversation during Covid-19

Guide to Communication and Conversation during COVID-19

PPE adds an extra ‘layer’ when communicating with patients and each other. The Speech and Language Therapy team in Beaumont Hospital have developed a guide with helpful practical tips

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Supporting people with disabilities requiring hospitalisation with COVID-19

Adapted from: “Clinical guide for front line staff to support the management of patients with a learning disability, autism or both during the coronavirus pandemic – relevant to all clinical specialities” (NHS, 2020), this document provides practical guidance.

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A guide to active listening podcast

Are you actually listening when someone is talking to you, or just waiting for your turn to talk? Now more than ever listening is a critical skill as we work remotely and active listening in particular helps us change our mindsets towards one that’s trying to understand someone else’s perspective, as opposed to being focused on getting our point across or being right! The guest, a veteran of the Iraq War, practices how to truly listen to others.

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Communication skills for telephone consultations including delivering bad news

This guide provides step-by-step information, from initiating the session to closing the session.

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Communication guide for difficult conversations

The rapid spread of COVID-19 through our communities and the need for large numbers of patients to be rapidly assessed, triaged and admitted to hospital places enormous strains on patients, their loved ones and the clinicians working to help them. The high mortality rate of COVID-19 in the elderly and other vulnerable groups makes the task of caring for patients even more challenging. This guide is intended to help and support clinicians in their difficult conversations with patients and their loved ones.

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