Director of Nursing, Assistant (ADON Clinical Site Manager) Grade Code 2910

April 30, 2021
Job Type Full Time Part Time
Function Nursing and Midwifery
Location Cavan Hospital, Cavan

Organisational Context

The RCSI Hospital Group includes the following hospitals

  • Beaumont Hospital
  • Cavan General Hospital
  • Connolly Hospital
  • Louth County Hospital
  • Monaghan General Hospital
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
  • Rotunda Hospital
  • The Academic Partner for the Group is the RCSI

RCSI Hospital Group provides a national service and a regional service to Dublin and the North East and is committed to the provision of world-class care, exceptional clinical services with respect and compassion.

Key Responsibilities

Management and Leadership

 The Assistant Director of Nursing (Clinical Site Manager) will:

 Provide leadership & management to all nurses and HCAs across all directorates, supporting performance and professional development on a day to day basis in conjunction with the Directorate ADON’s.

  • Develop and maintain close working relationships and provide leadership to the wider interdisciplinary team in order to achieve organisational objectives and quality improvement.
  • Support Directorate ADON’s in their roles, working together to achieve nursing and organisational objectives
  • Be familiar with and ensure clinical governance arrangements are adhered too.
  • Be responsible and accountable for developing and implementing operational plans that promote evidence based safe practice.
  • Participate in developing strategic plans for nursing (to include, but not limited to, education, research, practice development and clinical audits) in order to meet service and specialty needs.
  • Develop, maintain and continuously review standards of patient care. Devise and apply programmes for evaluating compliance and implementing professional nursing policies and standards.
  • Be responsible and accountable for resources and budgetary provisions applicable to nursing & HCA overtime or agency requirements in accordance with the hospital determined policy for financial and headcount management.
  • Contribute to quality improvement and change agenda initiatives locally and within the RSCI Hospital group. Work collaboratively with key stakeholders to achieve strategic and operational change.


Professional /Clinical Responsibilities

The Assistant Director of Nursing (Clinical Site Manager) will:

  • Apply interpretive and creative thinking in relation to the scope of the role and demonstrate a proactive and enthusiastic approach to embedding this in practice.
  • Provide a high level of professional and clinical leadership that facilitates critical thinking and ongoing quality improvement.
  • Ensure the provision of safe, comprehensive nursing care to service users within the guidelines laid out by NMBI.
  • Practice nursing according to Professional Clinical Guidelines, National and Area Health Service Executive guidelines, local policies, protocols, guidelines and current legislation.
  • Develop a shared sense of commitment and participation among staff in the day to day management of the Hospital and the organisational change priorities.
  • Be accountable for the quality of service delivery, ensuring effective, efficient and holistic patient care, research, training and practice development.
  • Create and maintain clear and effective dissemination of information among all levels of the nursing and the wider clinical team, as appropriate.
  • Prepare work schedules to help achieve the objectives set by the Executive Management Team and the Directorate Teams.
  • Submit regular reports on targets achieved, and actions taken to address targets that are not met.
  • Lead and/or participate in formalised working groups/committees relating to organisational development, clinical governance and the hospital clinical audit programme at local and corporate level.
  • Participate in the recruitment and selection process for nursing and other key appointments as required.
  • Actively contribute to the annual service plan. This will in turn contribute to the hospital’s provider plan with the HSE.
  • Be responsible for the development of business cases/service plans and/or other proposals for improvements or modernisation of nursing/clinical services.
  • Participate in pricing and costing models, working towards aligning patient activity and diagnostic condition to expenditure.
  • Be responsible for robust systems that regularly reviewing policies and procedures, with a particular focus on the quality of practice and management at ward or department level.
  • Engage in professional activities at a local, regional and national level.


Patient Flow / Discharge Planning

The Assistant Director of Nursing (Clinical Site Manager) will:

  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders in relation to the planning and implementation of patient flow initiatives.
  • Work in partnership with the lead of patient flow / bed management to monitor and plan in terms of activity and capacity
  • Work in partnership with the Emergency Department (ED) Patient Flow ADON and analyse, monitor and review ED Activity in conjunction with PET’s and compliance with specific Key Performance Indicators.
  • Develop, implement and monitor quality improvement action plans in conjunction with the ED management team.
  • Analyse, monitor and forecast trends of admission and discharges in the hospital and highlight the wider implications for acute and non-acute services.
  • Lead out on Quality Improvement initiatives that promote efficient patient flow throughout the hospital.
  • Communicate, educate and support staff at clinical level to ensure that patient flow is optimised.
  • Advise relevant stakeholders on optimal use and cost effective management of inpatient and day care resources for both public and private patients, in accordance with the hospital provider plan.


Clinical Governance, Quality Assurance, Risk, Health & Safety

The Assistant Director of Nursing (Clinical Site Manager) will:

  •  Place kindness and compassion at the core of daily work
  • Ensure effective leadership and management in terms of infection prevention control standards, decontamination services, and hygiene services.
  • Ensure effective leadership and systems are in place for the routine audit and collection and evaluation of data relevant to improving patient outcomes
  • Lead and participate in clinical audit e.g. Environmental, hand hygiene, decontamination, quality care metrics, COVID Safety; DGSA; GDPR etc.
  • Ensure ongoing familiarly with the hospital Emergency Plan, understanding that out of hours the ADON site Manager will be the most senior person on duty in the event of an internal incident or major disaster.
  • Represent Nursing on committees e.g. hygiene committee; emergency planning; Health & Safety; Hospital watch; CSSD; Hospital watch; Falls ; Pressure ulcer committee and actively participate/lead in developing and implementing quality improvements.
  • With support of Directorate ADONs ensure Nurses and HCA’s are up to date with the hospital emergency plan.
  • Create a culture that promotes near miss/ incident reporting in an open, supportive learning environment.
  • Ensure that risks are assessed, managed and followed up in accordance with hospital procedure.
  • Be responsible for ensuring adverse incidents are investigated promptly, effectively and with respect for confidentiality and that communication systems are open and honest.
  • Advocate for preventative action and ensure procedures are adhered to and fully implemented.
  • Act in real time to deal with any matters that compromises patient safety
  • In conjunction with the HSE and RCSI Group policy ensure a strategy is in place to handle patient complaints in a timely manner at source and that learning is promoted from such complaints. The post holder will be expected to undertake a complaints officer role.
  • Comply with the open disclosure HSE policy. Ensure this is followed at clinical level.
  • Actively participate/lead out on reviews or investigations arising from near misses/incidents or complaints
  • Have a working knowledge of the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) Standards as they apply to the role e.g. Standards for Healthcare, National Standards for the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections, Hygiene Standards, Decontamination Standards etc.
  • Support, promote and actively participate in sustainable energy, water and waste initiatives to create a more sustainable, low carbon and efficient health service.
  • Ensure good clinical governance


Human Resource Management

The Assistant Director of Nursing (Clinical Site Manager) will:

  • Be involved in effective recruitment and retention initiatives that aim to secure and sustain required staffing levels.
  • Manage Nursing / HCA Bank efficiently and effectively, this includes direct management, responsibility and supervision for Nursing/HCA staff within the hospital bank.
  • Engage with nursing & HCA staff supporting them to develop in an environment that is open, transparent and empowering.
  • Promote and be receptive to feedback received from nursing and HCA’s
  • Manage staff absenteeism in line with the managing attendance policy. Ensure there is robust communication on such matters with the directorate ADON’s.
  • Undertake necessary training to ensure that the SAP HR system (or equivalent) is kept up to date and accurate.
  • Oversee Nursing and HCA rosters ensuring there is even distribution of available nursing/HCA resources and skill mix according to patient service need.
  • Develop improved systems for managing and securing HR nursing data.
  • Manage dignity at work and trust in care incidents in line with HR policy and procedure.
  • Ensure that matters of a disciplinary nature are followed up and managed in a timely manner in accordance with the HSE disciplinary procedures.
  • Lead and/or participate in HR investigations as required


Financial Performance

The Assistant Director of Nursing (Clinical Site Manager) will:

  •  Actively pursues resource efficiency measures and value for money initiatives which contribute to the directorate and hospitals budgetary/financial and headcount challenges.
  • Manage the nursing pay and non-pay budget, to highlight variances and take appropriate action, including the management of the pay budget for bank and agency nursing staff within the directorate.
  • Control and closely monitor nursing expenditure throughout the hospital, ensuring effective use of resources.


Education and Training

The Assistant Director of Nursing (Clinical Site Manager) will:

  •  Promote and maintain a culture of evidence-based practice for nursing. Encourage the creation of effective local networks to share good practice and information dissemination, as appropriate.
  • Enhance the competency and capacity of nursing managers and staff in order to create an environment where individual learning and performance combine with organisational learning and quality improvement.
  • Comply with professional developments from the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland (Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hÉireann) and other professional bodies relevant to the profession of nursing.
  • As a mandated person under the Children First Act 2015 you will have a legal obligation to report child protection concerns at or above a defined threshold to TUSLA & to assist Tusla, if requested, in assessing a concern which has been the subject of a mandated report

Essential Criteria


Candidates must on the latest date of receiving completed application forms for the office:

Professional Qualifications, Experience, etc

Eligible applicants will be those who on the closing date for the competition:

  • Are registered, or be eligible for registration in the General Nurse Division of the Register of Nurses and Midwives maintained by the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland (Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hÉireann).


  • Have 7 years post registration nursing experience and 3 years nursing management experience at a minimum of CNM II in an acute clinical setting.


  • Have successfully completed a post registration programme of study, as certified by the education provider, which verifies that the applicant has achieved a National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) major academic Level 8 or higher award maintained by Quality & Qualifications of Ireland (QQI) or can provide written evidence from the Higher Education Institute that they have achieved the number of ECTS credits equivalent to a Level 8 or higher standard in a health care or management related area.


  • Candidates must possess the requisite clinical, leadership, managerial and administrative knowledge and ability for the proper discharge of the office.


Annual registration

  • Practitioners must maintain live annual registration on the General Nursing Division of the Nurses & Midwifery Register maintained by the Nursing & Midwifery Registration Board (Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hÉireann)



Skills/ Competencies

Technical & Professional Expertise

Has a command over the technical/ professional skills and knowledge required within the job holder’s role and continues to upskill to maintain high professional standards and continuous professional development requirements


Attention to Detail

Is thorough and precise when accomplishing a task showing concern for all aspects of the job; developing detailed plans; accurately checking processes and tasks.


Leadership and Management

Manages performance to deliver team goals; demonstrates accountability for leading, directing, monitoring and evaluating RCSI Hospital Group services. Creates a climate in which people want to do their best. Promotes confidence and positive attitude; influences others to follow a common goal.


Commitment to Quality Care & Risk Management

The ability to focus on understanding stakeholder’s needs and expectations and to respond effectively and efficiently to them. Has a good knowledge of and is committed to offer a quality service through the achievement of goals, accreditation standards, other organisation/department standards and risk management frameworks and guidelines.


Problem Solving & Decision Making

Identifies and solves problems by understanding the situation, seeking additional information, developing and weighing alternatives, and choosing the most appropriate course of action given the circumstances.


Building & Maintaining Relationships

Builds and maintains relationships with a network of people. Recognises the two way nature of relationships and works to develop mutually beneficial partnerships. Interacts with others in a manner that builds respect and fosters trust.


Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Speaks and writes clearly, fluently and effectively to both individuals and groups; communicates in a manner that will persuade, convince and influence others, in order to motivate, inspire or encourage them to follow a particular course of action.

This Job Description is intended as a basic guide to the scope and responsibilities of the position and is subject to regular review and amendment. The role holder will be required to be flexible in this position and is expected to facilitate working additional hours on occasion, when requested.

The RCSI Hospital Group is an Equal Opportunities Employer.