Vaccinator – Registered Health Care Professional (As per Statutory Instrument No. 698 of 2020) working in the provision of the COVID 19 Vaccination Programme. Specified Purpose Contracts.

April 6, 2021
Job Type Full Time
Function Health and Social Care Professionals Nursing and Midwifery
Location Connolly Hospital, Dublin

Organisational Context

Key Responsibilities

Professional Responsibilities

The Registered Professional will:


  • Fulfil their statutory obligations within the legislation and HSE policies and protocols as appropriate to the provision of Covid-19 vaccines
  • Manage the assigned group of individuals identified for the supply and administration of the Covid-19 vaccination as per evidence-based protocol
  • Promote, monitor and supervise care to ensure that it is carried out in an empathetic and ethical manner and that the dignity, spiritual and cultural needs of the people are respected
  • Ensure adherence to infection control policies and procedures
  • Monitor individuals post immunisation in accordance with protocol and escalate concerns as appropriate
  • Assist with the daily preparation of the vaccination pod and observation areas and ensure that vaccine, stationery and health promotion resources are available in immediate work area and monitored appropriately
  • Promote good interpersonal relationships with individuals, and their family as appropriate
  • Provide education and information pertaining to the vaccination to the individual, their family and be an advocate for the person and for their family, as required
  • Participate in clinical team meetings, critical incident analysis reviews and operational meetings, taking a lead role as required
  • Report and consult with senior clinical lead on clinical issues as appropriate.
  • Maintain and manage appropriate and accurate records and reports regarding care in accordance with regulator guidelines, legislation (See SI text in Appendix 1) and other legal and local requirements


Education, Training & Development:

 The Registered Professional will:

  •  Take responsibility for own learning and development as relevant to the vaccination programme
  • Participate in the clinical and workplace induction of new staff
  • Contribute to the identification of training needs pertinent to the clinical area
  • Provide training and supervision of other staff as appropriate, sharing knowledge to maintain professional standards
  • Identify and contribute to the continual enhancement of learning opportunities
  • Participate in regular performance and clinical reviews with his/ her line manager


Administration and Operational Management:

The Registered Professional will:

  • Ensure that records are safeguarded and managed as per Statutory Instrument and HSE national policy and protocols
  • Maintain records and submit activity data, furnish appropriate reports as required
  • Maintain professional standards with regard to data confidentiality
  • Contribute to ongoing monitoring, audit and evaluation of the service as appropriate
  • Accurately record and report all complaints and incidents to appropriate personnel according to local service policy
  • Actively participate as an inter-disciplinary team member in all aspects of service delivery
  • Supervise the work of other grades of staff within the remit of their role, as appropriate
  • Contribute to innovation and change with regard to the vaccination programme, applying evidence based practice and advances in treatment
  • Ensure proper disposal of clinical waste and change of PPE as per local and national guidelines


Risk Management, Infection Control, Hygiene Services and Health & Safety:

The management of Risk, Infection Control, Hygiene Services and Health & Safety is the responsibility of everyone.

The Registered Professional will:

  • Familiarise themselves with the relevant Organisational Policies, Procedures & Standards and attend training as appropriate in the following areas:
    • Continuous Quality Improvement Initiatives
    • Document Control Information Management Systems
    • Risk Management Strategy and Policies
    • Hygiene Related Policies, Procedures and Standards
    • Decontamination Code of Practice
    • Infection Control Policies
    • Safety Statement, Health & Safety Policies and Fire Procedure
    • Data Protection and confidentiality Policies
  • Ensure that they become familiar with the requirements stated within the Risk Management Strategy and that they comply with Risk Management Incident and Near miss reporting Policies and Procedures
  • Ensure that they comply with hygiene services requirements in their area of responsibility. Hygiene Services incorporates environment and facilities, hand hygiene, catering, cleaning, the management of laundry, waste, sharps and equipment
  • Foster and support a quality improvement culture through-out your area of responsibility in relation to hygiene services.
  • The post holders’ responsibility for Quality & Risk Management, Hygiene Services and Health & Safety will be clarified to you in the induction process and by your line manager
  • Take reasonable care for his or her own actions and the effect that these may have upon the safety of others.
  • Cooperate with management, attend Health & Safety related training and not undertake any task for which they have not been authorised and adequately trained.
  • Bring to the attention of a responsible person any perceived shortcoming in our safety arrangements or any defects in work equipment.

Essential Criteria


Eligible candidates are those who on closing date for applications: 

Are registered or are eligible for registration as a regulated practitioner with;

  • Irish Medical Council


  • The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI)


  • The Physiotherapists Registration Board at CORU


  • Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) as a pharmacist


  • The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council as a paramedic or advanced paramedic


Have the ability to practice safely and effectively fulfilling their professional responsibility within their scope of practice.


Mandatory training

  • Practitioners must have received training in the administration of the product, as approved by the regulatory body for the profession concerned prior to appointment.


Statutory Registration

  • Practitioners must achieve relevant statutory registration prior to appointment and maintain annual registration with the appropriate regulator.



Skills/ Competencies

Professional Knowledge

  • Has a command over the technical/ professional skills and knowledge required within the job holder’s role and continues to upskill to maintain high professional standards and continuous professional development requirements


Flexibly & Adaptability

  • Works effectively within a variety of situations with individuals or groups. Adapts one’s approach as the requirements of a situation changes; adjusts tasks and priorities when necessary. Accepts that changes in one’s role may be required from time to time


Communication & Interpersonal skills

  • Speaks and writes clearly, fluently and effectively to both individuals and groups; communicates in a manner that will persuade, convince and influence others, in order to motivate, inspire or encourage them to follow a particular course of action

This Job Description is intended as a basic guide to the scope and responsibilities of the position and is subject to regular review and amendment. The role holder will be required to be flexible in this position and is expected to facilitate working additional hours on occasion, when requested.

The RCSI Hospital Group is an Equal Opportunities Employer.