Annual Report

RCSI Overall Statement of Vision and Key Strategic Objectives

Statement of RCSI Hospital Group Vision:

To provide world class care, exceptional clinical services with respect and compassion.

Key Strategic Objectives

Within the context of the patient being the core focus for all endeavours, the RCSI Hospital Group is pursuing 8 thematic objectives, each with related critical success factors necessary for successful advancement:

  • Improve Access Performance
    • emergency care diagnosis, treatment and management
    • elective care diagnosis, treatment and management


  • Deliver relevant services that are planned and organised to meet designated population health needs, achieve desired health outcomes in a manner consistent with evidenced based best practice with particular focus on efficiency, effectiveness and quality. Recognising also the need for continuous improvement and innovation


  • Do no preventable patient harm


  • Deliver services equitably on the basis of need, governed by the principles of Fairness, Honesty, Respect and assigned Accountability


  • Develop and generally advance an integrated delivery model
    • a single delivery model across the 7 operational sites
    • successful integration with Community Services, particularly with regard to Chronic Disease Management
      • cognisant of the need to operate in a complex environment of vertical and lateral collaboration and the participation in service and academic health networks both nationally and internationally


  • Fiscal Prudency with regard to resource utilisation and investment

  • Develop Education and Research capacity and capability with designated academic partner in a manner that supports and generally enhances direct service delivery


  • Ensure Staff enabled, supported, trained, developed and accountable