Future Leaders Development Programme

18th December, 2018

The Future Leaders Development Programme has been commissioned to develop strong leadership capability at all levels and across all disciplines of the health service as part of the HSE People Strategy 2015-2018.

The programme is designed to enhance the performance of managers and leaders in current and possible future roles. International best practice forms the foundation of the programme, and its relevance to the target audience and current health care climate was further enhanced by engagement and evaluation of a pilot programme for Multidisciplinary Leaders. In addition to attending the modules, the programme involves a range of inter-modular activities including the development of participant led seminars, psychometrics, strategic leadership project work, individual executive coaching and action learning sets.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Increased leadership capacity, competence and confidence in managers demonstrated by taking up their leadership role fully
  • Increased impact of Multidisciplinary Leaders and Managers in the system with real benefits to services and service users
  • Enhanced leadership competence as measured against a national Director Leadership competency framework (to ensure a Leadership stretch)
  • Leadership contextualised and focused on leadership in managing the service, leadership in managing self and leadership in managing strategy
  • Increased integrated multidisciplinary focus
  • The programme will be part of a HSE Longitudinal evaluation to identify service impact and will inform future leadership programmes and overall system development.

RCSI Hospitals Participation in Future Leaders Development Programme

113 staff members have taken part in the programme since 2017. 24 projects were undertaken and covered a wide range of service delivery and operational areas.

RCSI Hospitals Projects

  • HR Metrics: Tools for Measuring Group Capacity, Capability and Control
  • Developing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the RCSI Hospital Group Patient Safety Metrics
  • The Frail Assessors
  • An Alternative to the Capital Purchase of Medical Equipment by RCSI Hospitals
  • Medication Safety / E-Prescribing
  • Anticoagulation Clinics within the RCSI Hospital Group and CHO Area
  • Homeward Bound – A Review of Transitional Care
  • Sharing the Care: An Alternative to Catheterisation in an Acute Setting for Clients with an Intellectual Disability [ID]
  • Virtual Reality: Patient Engagement in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
  • It’s the whole journey that matters
  • Before Going Home … Improving Discharge Communication
  • Patient Focused Booking: Empowering Patients to attend OPD diagnostic services
  • Quality Assurance of the return appointment pathway for outpatients
  • Room for Improvement – The gap between attendance management and occupational health
  • Costs and Demand for Nuclear Medicine across the RCSI Hospitals Group
  • Discharge on Anti-Coagulate Therapy (DOACs) Safely
  • Acute Hospital Nutrition NPES Quality Improvement Project
  • Hire – Train – Retrain: A career pathway with the RCSI Hospitals Group
  • Quality Improvement approach to Discharge Planning
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • RCSI Hospitals Group Induction Programme
  • Virtual Clinics using IT outreach medicine
  • Quality Improvement approach to Serious Falls
  • Quality Improvement approach to Early Warning Systems for deteriorating patients

Future Programmes

The next programme takes place 28th January 2019.