Annual Report: Human Resources

Eric Brady
Director of Human Resources
It is through all employees that the RCSI Hospital Group delivers and maintains excellence in provision of high quality and safe healthcare to service users. The RCSI Hospital Group Human Resources Function works across the seven clinical sites to support and facilitate recruitment, retention and development of employees at all grades.

At the end of December 2016 the RCSI Hospital Group employed a total of 8,447 WTEs, representing a work force increase of 2.6% (212 WTEs) in comparison to December 2015 – with 94 WTEs arising from commencement of new service developments and 53 WTEs arising from agency conversion. Nurse recruitment remained a key priority for the RCSI Hospital Group during 2016 (FIGURE 19).

Figure 19. Comparison of 2016 and 2015 Workforce WTEs

MSc in Leadership

During 2016 the RCSI Hospital Group sponsored 4 employees to undertake a MSc in Leadership with the RCSI Institute of Leadership.

Leadership Development Programme

In 2016, the strong link forged between the Hospital Group and academic partner the RCSI facilitated the running of two iterations of a new and dynamic Leadership Development Programme. The programme was delivered by the RCSI’s Institute of Leadership. Participants were drawn from all staff categories and levels across all sites within the Hospital Group. The only prerequisites were management experience, a willingness to develop further leadership skills and a motivation to progress career pathway. The first programme included 24 participants spread across six of the hospitals. The second which had 27 participants included staff from Community Health Organisation 9 (CHO 9). This was the first joint programme between any Hospital Group and CHO. All participants were assigned to Action Learning project groups and given real live strategic issues to research on behalf of the RCSI Hospital Group.

Pictured at Leadership Development Programme, Project presentations: Lt to Rt: Emma Wall (Connolly Hospital), Miriam Kelly (Louth Hospitals), Suzanne Daly (RCSI Hospital Group), Deirdre Dineen (Louth Hospitals), Greg O’Leary (Beaumont Hospital), Cathy Sexton (Cavan & Monaghan Hospital), Margaret Boland (Connolly Hospital).

Leadership Development Programme Projects:

  • The Frail Assessors
  • Medication Safety / E-Prescribing
  • Developing a Standard Operating Procedure( SOP) for the RCSI Hospital Group Patient Safety Metrics
  • HR Metrics: Tools for Measuring Group Capacity, Capability and Control
  • An Alternative to the Capital Purchase of Medical Equipment by RCSI Hospitals
Overall Absenteeism

RCSI Hospital Group absence rate remained lower than national performance over the year. With Beaumont Hospital recording a 3.4% absence rate, Connolly Hospital recording a 3.4% absence rate and the Rotunda Hospital recording a 3.4% absence rate – all exceeded both national cumulative performance (4.6%) and national target (3.5%).

Figure 20. RCSI Hospital Group Absence Rates 2016

The National target for healthcare workers who are vaccinated against the Influenza virus was 40% in 2016.

Whilst not achieving the National target, the RCSI Hospital Group demonstrated a significantly higher performance (32.1%) than National performance (22.5%) for staff uptake of the Flu vaccine. (FIGURE 21)

Figure 21. RCSI Hospital & National Performance – Seasonal Flu Vaccine Uptake

Human Resources

8th March, 2018