Annual Report: Estates

Michael Quirey
Director of Estates
For any hospital group that has dispersed sites, it is important to recognise all aspects of the Estate from small to large sites used for the delivery of healthcare

The RCSI Hospital Group has been progressive in its review of Estate Management with the aim of optimising the group estate use, preparing business cases for investing in core sites, working with our RCSI partner, and continuing to reduce backlog maintenance.

Overall, the RCSI Hospital Group Estate is in acceptable physical condition, buildings are being kept broadly operationally sound with the management of a backlog maintenance programme.

The RCSI Hospital Group continues to strive to maintain high standards of quality and building conditions. The RCSI Hospital Group will develop a five year backlog maintenance cost cycle. The majority of such costs relate to life cycle investment of building fabric and cyclical replacement of mechanical and electrical infrastructure as part of a planned preventative maintenance investment.

The RCSI Hospital Group Estate’s strategy of which the main focus is to continue to support clinical activity and secure the provision of modern fit for purpose accommodation; which continues to be a challenge within the current healthcare economy with an increase in standards and a significant reduction in fiscal resourcing from the HSE.

Estate’s strategy has therefore targeted specific areas of priority for future strategic investment to ensure valuable resources can be used effectively and such projects include:

Beaumont Hospital Emergency Department Development
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Theatre & Ward Block Development
Connolly Hospital Integrated Pathology Laboratory
Connolly Hospital Protected Development Control Plan
Group wide Optimisation and Reconfiguration to support such as Diagnostics; Clinical Services
Rotunda Hospital Tri-location to Connolly Hospital Campus
Rotunda Hospital Modular Theatre and NICU upgrade

The RCSI Hospital Group is striving to reduce the environmental impacts created through delivering quality healthcare services, and are reviewing sustainable principles with the Sustainability Office and Carbon Energy Fund initiative.

Capital approvals were received for the following projects;

Beaumont Hospital Renal Transplant Unit – Upgrade and Refurbishment of St. Damien’s Ward completed.
Beaumont Hospital Provision of Renal Dialysis Unit (ongoing).
Beaumont Hospital Rockfield Unit commenced.
Beaumont Hospital Mortuary Refurbishment was completed.
Beaumont Hospital Nuclear Medicine Suite Update.
Cavan General Hospital Redevelopment – Phase 1 (Cystic Fibrosis) commenced.
Cavan General Hospital Boiler Replacement completed.
Cavan General Hospital Fire Alarm Emergency Lighting Upgrade completed.
Connolly Hospital General X-Ray Department upgrade commenced.
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Phase 2 Development Ward Block & Theatre ongoing.
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Medical Gases and Infrastructure upgrades completed.
Rotunda Hospital Development of New Mortuary was completed.
Rotunda Hospital New generator set, main electrical cables and sub electrical cables ongoing.
Rotunda Hospital Roll-out of MN/CMS Project completed.

The capital allocation for replacement equipment for RCSI Hospital Group was €4.7M.

  • Beaumont – €2M
  • Cavan – €0.68M
  • Connolly Hospital – €0.431M
  • Louth County Hospital – €0.35M
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda – €0.856M
  • Rotunda – €0.152M


8th March, 2018